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Place ANUREX® sealed in its container, in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. Allow to freeze for at least 2 hours. Be sure that your freezer is sufficiently cold to freeze ice cubes. Otherwise ANUREX® therapy will not be effective.

Remove ANUREX® from its storage container and apply Anurex lubricant to the probe. You are now ready to insert the probe into the rectal area.

To facilitate insertion, lie on your side in a comfortable position: then bend the knee of your top leg and bring it up towards your chest. Gently insert ANUREX® into the rectum up to its base. Once in place, leave ANUREX® in position for 6 to 8 minutes. Depending on the severity of your condition. ANUREX® is designed to deliver its beneficial effect over the 6 to 8 minutes it takes to warm to body temperature. Once at body temperature, ANUREX® should be gently removed. No additional beneficial effect will be realized by leaving this probe in place after that time.

Remove ANUREX® and wash thoroughly with soap and warm water. If desired, Anurex may be rinsed after washing in any medical disinfectant such as Dettol.

Replace Anurex in its outer container and return it to your freezer. Allow 2 hours refreezing time before each treatment.


hemorrhoids, anal pain, bleeding, irritation, burning and swelling.




The term hemorrhoid is commonly used to describe the symptoms caused by hemorrhoids, since hemorrhoids exist in all healthy persons.
Hemorrhoids are clusters of vascular tissue, smooth muscle and connective tissue. Most people and physicians refer to hemorrhoids when these vascular cushions cause painful symptoms.
Hemorrhoids may be external or internal. Internal types do not cause coetaneous pain but may prolapsd, bleed and cause severe perinal pain. Internal hemorrhoids may also produce pruritus (itching).
External hemorrhoids induce pain through thrombosis (by straining, diarrhea, diet change). Pain results from rapid distention of innervated sensitive tissue caused by both cloth and edema (tissue swelling).
Currently accepted non – surgical medical treatments for the symptoms of hemorrhoids are directed at relieving the pain and/or purities (itching). However none of these treatments are proven to be safe or effective. Symptomatic relief should not only be directed towards the pain caused by thrombosis, prolapse and edema (swelling) but also the pain resulting from spasm of the sphincter.
It is a commonly known fact of applying cold to the injured part of the human body to bring rapid relief from pain to reduce swelling and stop bleeding. This form of treatment (using cold) is called Cryotherapy.
Conducted clinical study’s in many parts of the World using Cryotherapy method and for treatment of hemorrhoids has proven 95% effectiveness in relief from hemorrhoidal symptoms. Extensive clinical study’s where performed using Cryotherapy device name ANUREX®.


ANUREX® is a medical device (applicator) made of medically approved surgical plastic and size of a small finger. ANUREX® employs Cryotherapy for immediate relief of pain, itching, inflammation and bleeding of hemorrhoids.
ANUREX® applicator contains scientifically formulated coolant which is capable of freezing and than dispensing a controlled degree of cold directly to the external and internal rectal tissue. This cooling action causes the blood vessels in the effected area to temporarily shrink, which in turn soothes the swollen tissue, helping to reduce bleeding, pain and itching.
ANUREX® when used as directed, encourages the inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue to heal. ANUREX® is reusable can be used as often as needed during the day, free of side effects (drug- free), simple to use do-it yourself treatment at home- just like taking your own temperature. Each treatment takes 6 to 10 minutes and no other medications needed during the ANUREX® treatment.
ANUREX® works for both external and internal hemorrhoids. ANUREX® can be used when other medications cannot be applied or do not work!

ANUREX® – known facts, common answers and practical advantages:

ANUREX® is the first and drug-free product scientifically developed and designed for hemorrhoid sufferers.
ANUREX® treatment provides immediate relief. Symptoms usually diminish in just a few treatments. Recommended treatment during 2 week period usually eliminates the problem.
Soothes & shrinks swollen tissue and promotes healing.
Using ANUREX® may help to avoid surgery.
Alternative treatment during the pregnancy (drug-free)
For faster and better results it is recommended to use 2 ANUREX® units – one after the other (for each treatment). Using two ANUREX® one after the other prolongs desired cooling effect and therefore will speed up your recovery especially in severe cases.
ANUREX® is for personal use only and is not to be transferred/shared from one person to another.
The cooling sensation caused by the initial application of ANUREX® may be temporarily uncomfortable. This usually subsides with repeated ANUREX® treatments as hemorrhoid symptoms are relieved.
Because of the freezing and de-freezing process amount of the coolant inside the applicator slowly decreases loosing its beneficial cooling strength and therefore it is recommended that ANUREX® device to be replaced every 6 month (from the first time of use).
When not in use, ANUREX® can be stored for up two years (in your medicine chest or freezer).
Duration of therapy: ANUREX® may be used as often as needed depending on the severity of the condition and the response to treatment. It is recommended that ANUREX® treatment to be repeated at least twice a day for period of 7-14 days. It is also recommended that ANUREX® should be used thereafter for certain time even if symptoms disappear (as a preventive use).
ANUREX® prior its use should be placed in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
Coolant inside the ANUREX® device is harmless and nontoxic – it is just a frozen media – not a medication. Do not attempt to take the ANUREX® device apart.
With each ANUREX® device and for easier ANUREX® application it is recommended and supplied K-Y gel (lubricant) by Jonhson & Jonhson (supplied lubricant is not a medication).
After each use ANUREX® must be washed with soap and warm water. After washing, ANUREX® may be rinsed in any medical disinfectant. Do not attempt sterilize by heating or boiling.
Each ANUREX® device is guaranteed for its quality standards and is in accordance with all standard health requirements.